Waterfalls Maqui

Duración: 3 Horas

Dificultad: Media Baja - sin restricciones

Mínimo 2 pax - Máximo - 6 pax

Precio x pax : USD 80 - Basado en 2 paxs

Precio x 1 pax : USD 116 - Suplemento Individual


From the Hacienda we will take in our vehicle, the Ausral Highway from km 274 towards the South "Chile Chico", we will arrive at Puerto Guadal which is 9 km away from the Hotel, we will follow the route 5 more km until we meet with the start of the Maqui River Waterfalls trek.

We will begin to ascend guided by a narrow path and the magical melody of the waterfalls. We will pass through forests of the Patagonian Andes, specifically Nothofagus (Lenga, coigue, Ñirre), forests that are home to a variety of birds, such as diucones, cometocinos, chincoles, thrushes, chercanes, among others. Then we will begin to witness a spectacle of nature, the first waterfalls, waterfalls that form small natural pools created by the river bed, from the first waterfall we will be able to continue advancing bordering the pools to see different levels of waterfalls and when giving the On the way back, we will be surprised by the imposing view of Lake General Carrera, the largest lake in Chile and the second in South America, accompanied by the northern ice fields, the third largest expanse of ice in the world and to its side Mount San Valentín, the highest mountain. from the Chilean Patagonia, magnet of scientific expeditions that search in its eternal ice for answers to the climatic changes.



  • Bilingual Guide
  • Transfer


  • Tips
  • Optional drinks
  • Trekking Shoes and clothes for rainy and cold weather


Prices in USD only for foreign passengers. Prices in CLP for chilean passengers and foreign residents in Chile, includes IVA (chilean tax).

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